Indian weddings are nothing like usual ceremonies that happened all around the world, in fact it is something more special and we have acquired a great taste when it comes to designs, trends and acceptance of new culture to bring innovation in the ceremonies of long and interesting wedding events – that lasts for more than 10 days and the preparation for it begins months before the commemoration of various family functions that we are bound to attend. Aahiri amplifies and sensationalizes every aspect of One of the most important parts of the wedding ceremonies, that is the clothing attires; it is a necessity that involves certain customs and traditions which are meant to add more excitement to the events of wedding ceremony. Believably, you require the touch of the most advanced style of a fashion house like BOVEEE, to bring out the fashion diva within you.

Wedding is the reason why BOVEEEE have glamorous and majestic sarees in its Aahiri collection that are exclusive and way too beautiful to be found anywhere else. An attire for everyone, be it the bride or the bride’s maids or mother of the bride, the seraphic presence is a necessity, when the wedding season is around. One has a lot on their plate such as what to wear? what accessories to pair your attire with? A whole lot of assistance is required and BOVEEE is here to provide you with the right designer products of premium quality finishing.

Why compromise on fashion? just get something that goes perfect with the decision of enjoying the carnivals in the months of wedding season. You got to a market search for a saree that you cannot find and sometimes you even get somethings for yourself that you don’t even like. BOVEEE has launched premium designer collections, Aahiri that is exclusive for our fashionable customers. The more styles the more happiness is there in your life and who doesn’t like a complete makeover. All sarees are worn almost the same way, however, each and every saree looks uniquely different. It’s the fabric, the designs, the patterns, the colors or perhaps just the unique manufacturing procedure of a saree, that keeps you hooked to a style and makes you come back to it, continuously. Fashion preference is supported by variety that you get at BOVEEE; when you get a pool of choices, you turn to something that is collectively amazing from all aspects. We know that nothing lasts forever and so the predominant styles of 2022 BOVEEE wedding collection is for a limited period of time. The endless overthinking process about what to wear and what to avoid wearing, makes it hard for us to understand the requirement of the tradition that is transforming and trending. If you are passionate about dressing with freedom and simplicity, we got it all here at BOVEEE.


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This heartwarming wedding apparel by Aahiri has an exquisite style. It has an attractive essence that pulls your inner beauty out. The more you explore the more you will come across a vast variety and every item of BOVEEE house of fashion, has something extraordinary factor about it. The crucial techniques of manufacturing a fabric is not something to be ignored. The luxurious look given to the premium wedding apparels is widely appreciated during this wedding season.

Get a vibrant color saree to flaunt your style or try amusing styling techniques to emphasis on the fashion that you want to illustrate. Getting one or two saree is not enough so why don’t you allow yourself to collect all Aahiri designer sarees. There is something in the air during wedding season that we cannot ignore and flow with the vibes that generates enthusiasm which makes us feel a lot younger! Many of the designer sarees.

This is what you need and this is what we are here to provide you with – complete assistance until you find your perfect Designer Saree for the event. As we all know the color is the most important factor when it comes to the wedding. The theme of the wedding improvises everything and so you need to wear something that is not so closely related to the wedding decorations. Be it a saree or complete suit of Aahiri wedding collection, it is all way too complicated to decide on the day of wedding, so it is always better to prepare it.

We all know that the function starts from engagement ceremony, followed by mehendi, sangeet, tilak, haldi, roka, and multiple small functions. Now, you have to keep the attire according to your requirement and we believe, certain wedding standards can be maintained if you have the right kind of assistance, that our fashion consultants can provide; who are trained to find you an artistic saree so you can cherish it forever.

Weddings are an inauguration of ceremonial functions which promotes the party wear dresses. A large variety is available in the market, some are latest designs and some are old, some are not worth buying and sometimes when you like something it is unaffordable, right? BOVEEE can help you with the process and our latest wedding collection Aahiri is vastly versatile and we believe you would love to buy that. A mix and match style combined of Indian wear and western wear give rise to new fashion that is also a trending vibe that is not accepted by many. All the beautiful zari, kadhai and embedded fabric detailed design forms a pattern on the Saree which makes it amazingly stylish. If we have seen anything in the world of fashion

Drapping a saree is a challenging task and we believe that you would look so charming in this Aahiri mustard saree and you must have seen your maa or grandma wearing a saree example of the most beautiful art form, anyone just can’t simply wear it. You need to get out the cultural net that tames the possibilities of fashion and do things more independently. Frame your ideas more bluntly on the texture of every outfit, be it a wedding or any other occasion or a normal day of your life. Be you! Be flawless!