When you think of comfort, what comes to your mind first? And no! it is not just any random material that we are talking about but the finest, the smoothest and the one that is commonly loved. Yes, you have guessed it right; The Handloom linen and cotton fabric stand apart than any other clothing fabrics. Almost every clothing brand uses this fine item of comfort for the purpose of manufacturing fashion. These handloom textures have been around since the beginning of the fashion industry

Unfortunately, our handloom industry is under tension and getting doomed; an article that came in Hindustan times states the backlash of it and how it’s diminishing day by day because of the high production cost and low wages. Furthermore, the artisans are abandoning this field that has given prolific growth to the fashion industry, and moving on to other occupations, that can pay them well; a research shows that there’s been a 16% reduction in the last 15 years. There are a selected few states, that are trying to keep this tradition alive and West Bengal is one of them. Also, the government of India has taken various initiative in the year 2022, to support the handloom industry, this will provide financial stability to the workers and bring production enhancement. A beautiful and popular art form is dying and we must do everything we can to protect it. Therefore, BOVEEE is trying to save our engrossing handloom heritage by launching this new collection ‘SANSKRITI’, which is a fusion of Handloom Linen and Cotton Sarees that supports the industrious worker. This specific collection has sarees of pristine fabric. We stand against workers’ exploitation and doing the necessary for the betterment of the cause and bring life back to the dying handloom industry. Help us achieve our desired goal as we believe, with you on our side, it will be a speedy process.

History of Bengal Handloom

Bengal is famous for the Handloom products throughout the world and BOVEEE is helping the Handloom Sarees of our famous textile industry to reach the global fashion world. The immeasurable innovative ideas that are shared among our textile community and then implemented to form a new fashion statement for the world to follow is exquisite. In the 15th century, the textile industry of Bengal, started booming in India. Production of Handloom started in the small district of Bengal, called Shantipur. Later, the weaving was adapted by people of Phulia, Hoogly and Bardhaman district. This mesmerizing form of art of Indian Handloom Sarees kept developing and evolved through difficult times into becoming one of most demanded fabric in the world. The famous handloom designs are bhomra, tabij, rajmahal, ardha Chandra, chandamala, tara and there are many more. The art of weaving was one of the most popular occupation in the country then and even now, it is being more professional. In the month of April and March the textile industry is the most competitive and busy in Bengal as Bengali new year occurs on 14th of April and Handloom Linen and Cotton sarees are in high demand among women during these times.

Handloom Linen

Linen is famously textured from the callouses that are found inside of the Flax plant, this compound is known as bast and from here the material is taken forward into expanding, stretching and aligning to form linen. Before industrialization, Handloom textile industry was one of the main sources of income for the people of rural India and so this was the reason it was vastly produced in Bengal and luckily, it is still happening with more sincerity and determination in a perfectly expertise way, using modern equipment. Linen Handloom holds the durability to last for many decades to come; there is a famous saying “fashion will fade but the linen won’t”. Handloom Linen is vastly used for clothing and mainly for shirts and sarees; it is also famously used for making bags, bed sheets, curtains, towels, furniture covers and has multiple other uses.

Handloom Cotton

Handloom cotton is processed with sheer dedication and perseverance. This process of production is going through generations and amazingly the responsibility is taken forward with the same care and seriousness. The text has been found from 3000 AD, stating the existence of this amusing art of production. The Handloom Cotton Production is a time consuming process because of the motifs and the several wefts that are used. However, the high persistent demand for the fabric keep the production sectors alive. This industry took a major hit back in the 19th and 20th century as there were substitutes available at a cheaper cost. Moderately, this industry took a hike again, thanks to the designers and the fashion houses to bring life back to cotton handloom, our heritage fabric.

We bring you our amazing fashioned sarees with our SANSKRITI collection in the most comforting fabrics and at a guaranteed low cost market price. Your assiduity towards our initiative will be highly appreciated. Go ahead and give your best to help us accomplish our ultimate goal for a splendid cause. Click on the link below!

June 30, 2022 — Krishnendu Banerjee