Sarees thrive on tradition; traditions that have been around since forever. Sarees have a charm, which completes you and provides assistance to your flourishing beauty. Doesn’t matter if it is a Designer saree, Wedding saree, Banarasi saree or party wear Silk saree.

Style of modern days – Believe it or not, saree draping is an art and like any other form of art, it needs precision for the optimum results. We all know how sarees are produced with all the designs, collectively embedded to a particular portion of the saree. For example, in some sarees, the pallu has a more elaborated presentation of the motifs presented on the saree. This 6-meter-long finest fabric that wraps around you is the simplest form of apparel ever created as it requires no stitching, cutting or unnecessary measuring of fabric.

Options are Better

The endless variety of sarees design can be found no matter which direction of India you go to and it amazingly pullulates, providing us with new compositions every time. Giving birth to something innovational can happen overnight and sometimes it takes ages but when something astonishingly remarkable is found, the history is created. Go find a look for yourself and BOVEEE is here to guide you through every step of this process. We tell you the importance of a saree on a particular occasion and also the names of your favorites that you would like to know.

Banarasi Saree

It goes without saying that banarasi sarees are the most popular among women of all age groups. The production is famously done in Varanasi and these sarees are appreciated for the silver and golden zari motifs work on the pallu. If we talk about the ancient times, banarasi sarees were fabricated with pure gold and silver threads and the impression lives on. Banarasi sarees are a forever mark of royalty and prestige; Bollywood actress are seen wearing Banarasi sarees on various occasion. BOVEEE premium collection of Banarasi sarees is waiting for you.

Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram Sarees for women

Kanjivaram sarees are designed with special threads of distinguished quality and the traditional art is vividly appreciated. It is famous for the subtle form of heavy detailed work on soothing colours. Wear this amazing designs of Kanjivaram saree on any occasion and any day as it fits perfectly and goes with anyone’s style in general. The Kanjivaram saree pallu is heavily embedded and this style gives you hassle free comfort as it is made of finest fabric which is feather light and you won’t feel heavy at all.

Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Sarees for women

This idiosyncratic design of Chanderi Saree is fabricated with immense care, exclusively at Madhya Pradesh. The silk and zari is intermingled and this saree is nothing in comparison to others, when it comes to appearance. Fabric of Chanderi Sareee is thin, light and easy to carry; it will make you feel like you are floating when you walk. The material is delicate and thin but that doesn’t mean that the shiny look will fade; in fact, the Chanderi Sarees are popular for their long lasting fabric. Luckily for you BOVEEE has a best collection of Chanderi Saree, go pick your favorites now.


Handloom saree

Handloom Cotton Sarees for women

The heritage of Bangal clothing industry is what the Handloom Saree presents. Vidya Balan has adapted to the comfort and style of BOVEEE sarees. The weft of this fabric is designed distinctively. The fabric of handloom sarees is very comfortable and like any other saree in your closet, it comes in every various colours and a perfect attire for everyday wear. It is a top most choice for summers as the fine fabric of Handloom Saree keeps you cool. Flaunt your style carefree. Our recently launched, Sanskriti collection has some of the exceptional pieces.

Kalamkari saree

Kalamkari Sarees for Women

Manufacturing of Kalamkari Saree is done crucially and patiently as it takes 23 steps in the making. The two types of Kalamkari saree available in India are Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style and BOVEEE has come of the best collection of Kalamkari Saree. The “kalam”, pen is exclusively used on this saree, which distinguishes it from all the other sarees that are available in the market. With a Kalamkari Saree by BOVEEE, you don’t have to worry about the occasion as it’s versatile.


Digital Printed saree

Digital Printed Sarees for Women

What brings inspiration is the art and experience driven from earlier times. Sonali Kulkarni setting the new statement of fashion with this BOVEEE Digital printed sarees, which is very modish and deliberatively exotic; a perfect attire for parties and small gatherings. The smooth, thin and lightweight georgette saree expresses the printed design exceedingly. Georgette Printed sarees are in high demand for the slimming shape it provides to the wearer. It comes in multiple colours and designed patterns and BOVEEE has a vast collection of premium designer printed sarees.

Bandhej Saree

Bandhej Silk Saree for women

The Bandhej sarees are popular for the tie and dye work and it is the most technical ancient form of artistic work. The style and design is peculiar as no other type of apparel undergoes this style of dying. The saree is popularly worn on various festive occasions such as Diwali, Navratri and also on multiple wedding events. A vast collection of Bandhej sarees is available at BOVEEE with modification in designs as new techniques are available to make it look flabbergasting.


The temptations are persuasive and to calm your cravings for unrequited love of sarees we have the most Diaphanous types of wraps for you, that you have never seen in your life, designed with modern style on fabrics that have been in use for centuries. The influence of fashion that our saree causes on customers is what makes us happy as every product we manufacture is initiated with you in our mind. Go on to our site and find your style that you are passionate for. If you have any suggestions for the betterment, then we would love to hear from you at .