Blouse makes you stand apart; imagine, that you are at a party, where every woman is wearing the same kind of saree but if your blouse is altering from the common crowd then, most certainly and righteously you are the one. It’s also a very essential part of your Lehenga and it particular adds significance to your appearance. You want to feel special and you want to look like one in a million but in a country where every second person wears a saree it is a bit problematic. Blouses are the essence of your outfit, and there is no denying of that. Even if it’s a little piece of clothing item, it matters a lot and you should never go wrong with it, because if miss matched, it can ruin your compelling appearance. A lavish meal is incomplete without a dessert and similarly, the essence of traditional attire is incomplete without a sassy blouse. BOVEEE, understands and believes that we can help you with the prolonged process and make it a short and simple one.

We would like to present our BOVEEE designer blouses as these are unique and limited edition. We appreciate the love and support that you have given us and for that reason we always bring you, the best of best styles for the enhancement of your look. The latest blouse designs for back that we provide are idiosyncratic as we manufacture everything personally; so our products are not available anywhere else. Blouses come in various patterns, fabrics and designs which helps giving every piece an extraordinary outlook as per the fashion industry demands. our team has undertaken this initiative of providing the premium fabricated merchandise. You don’t need to wonder around the market as we just have what you exactly waiting for. Read on and find some of the most popular BOVEEE designer blouses.

V Back Blouse

Live the way you want with this exquisite readymade designer blouse. You can wear it the way this Blouse model is wearing or any other look that you would like to portray. There is a reason why it’s called a V-back blouse as you can see the model above setting the right example. The V shape has a long and sharp cut that presents a slimming posture to the ones who wear it. Get one for yourself now!

Sheer Back Blouse

This eye – appealing trendy blouse pattern has net back that gives a see through look at the back. Bold and extravagant; a perfect portrayal of a women who is ready for the challenging world. Sheer back blouse goes great with a Banarsee Saree or any saree with golden zari as the golden work on the back can bring life to anything that is worn with it.

Classic shape without string Blouse

What’s classic can never go out of style as it has been around to be renowned as the classic shape. This backless blouse gives a distinguished long look to your neck as it flows down towards the back without any interference. The clean geometrical cut makes the shoulders look broad and toned. The sleeves are parallel to the blouse length so it won’t look odd like many blouse designs.

Classic Shape with Strings, Strips etc.

The another example of classic blouse, which brings out the unexcelled depiction of fashion through the bridge between the shoulders. The strings with latkan or merely a strip provides detail to the Classic Shaped Blouse, which is peculiarly beguiling. We have a variety of blouses of the similar category in our BOVEEE designer blouses collection.

Window Styled Back Blouse

Imagine a building without a window, oddly unacceptable, right? Astonishingly, this blouse beauty lies in the window at the back. The various gem shaped design and sleek cuts, brings exemplary results to this fashion statement. Regardless of the saree, it has the capability to bring glamour to you. BOVEEE provides you with an endless collection of window styled back blouse and we believe you won’t leave until you have picked a few.

Buttoned Back Design Blouse

The particularly premium, traditionally acceptable and precisely fashionable buttoned back Blouse is available to add modish appeal to your personality. Experiment and try various kinds of sarees that goes with your mood on regular basis. We have got a few handpicked Blouse designs and the collection awaits your approval.

Halter Back Blouse

This Halter Back Blouse design highlights your broad shoulders and gives an enhanced look to the upper back supported by a border on the neck and back. Fabulously, it is the most popular worn blouse among the party people. It goes perfect with a light weight chiffon, Georgette or satin Saree. Highly admired and demanded design that it goes out of stock every time from our BOVEEE website.

These aren’t the only blouses that we manufacture, if you move on to our website, our designs will convince you enough to fill your cart with happiness. Get the latest saree blouse designs with us, as BOVEEE is the only reliable platform to provide you with readymade designer blouses. These designs are done over a long period of time with our precious customers in our mind and as each and every item holds some specialty; everything is available for a limited period of time. If you feel like we don’t have what you need then, mail us at We will be more than happy to get your suggestion on the respective matter.