Jai hind! Vande matram! Are the kind of slogans that portray the nationality that resides beneath us. We take sheer pride and the joy of celebration as the date of our 76th independence day is coming closer. BOVEEE congratulates you on this greatest occasion. The celebration is on its prime among every state of our triumphant nation and every individual waits for 15th of august reminisce the victorious day of 15th august 1947. Certain things never change and the love that we have for independence day is above all. Indians have stood in front of the flag and sung national anthem proudly in the air of freedom since the day of independence. We Indians have successfully maintained our cultural heredity for over 1000s of years regardless of various unfortunate events in the past. We have been illustrating our nationalism through our customs, traditions and even through our fashion. Not just Indians but many people from other nations and communities have adopted the Indian culture in all its accolade.

our exuberant souls are patient less to hoist the flag in our houses, our lawns, colleges, offices and every place that is a part of our glorious nation. It would be unfair and meaningless if you don’t wear the righteous colour to flaunt the patriotic feeling of nationalism. BOVEEE introduces you to a large variety of sarees, salwar suits, indo – western and accessories for the commemoration of independence day. Our every category has a peculiar style and we design our outfit with modernistic approach. Wear an Indian traditional attire for the day of independence and as you have the right to celebrate occasion that comes once in a year.

On this day, many like to wear colours like saffron, green, white or blue. The reason behind popularity of these colour is quite reasonable and simple. Indians believe on wearing the tri colour on the day of independence, because we want to emphasize on what those colours stand for as saffron indicates strength, the white and dharam chakra indicates peace and truth that our cultural comprises of and lastly, the green colour represents our flourishing land. The pigmentations of bright multicoloured fabrics are used to fabricate an outfit to be worn on independence day. We have amalgamated a collection for you to select your favorite ones from. We know the spirit of nationalism is running through your veins and similarly, you need to let it flow over your skin through the colourful premium designer wear by BOVEEE.

Sensational Sarees

Have you already decided on your colour? Not yet? Well, don’t worry we know about the colours that you have in your mind. Even if you are planning to go a bit robust and wear a colourful attire. Saree is the most traditional form of fashion to ever exist and regardless of all the hardships that Indians went through, the sarees stayed an item of fashionable necessity for an Indian woman. Saree is something that define an Indian woman in her most natural form of divine beauty that can uphold her cultural beliefs and at the same time nourish her courage. She is more than just a daughter, wife or mother; she is an individual enchanted self. Wear a silk saree or a cotton saree – a digitally printed saree or a hand printed saree, it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. BOVEEE got more than 1000 sarees for you to pick from. Our designers have given some deepest thoughts to the production of every item available on our website. 

Suits, Dresses, Kurtas and Tunics

The modern time brings modern styles in the preparation of something sensational and on this occasion of independence day, we do feel like to experiment a little with trending wear and traditional attire. So for each and every one like you, who is an intrigued explorer and a fashion enthusiast, we ask you to come a step closer to bringing an end to your endeavor of finding the appropriate apparel for the day, with our mesmerizing collection.

The improvisation on the fashion industry have brought out many outfits with quintessential styling required to make an outfit absolutely adorable. We have Suits, dresses, Kurtas and Tunics for you in every possible style that you want: gowns, anarkali, tie – dresses, shirt tunics, collared kurta and many more styles to. The more collection, the more to explore and expand items in your closet. Many celebrities are seen wearing the distinguishable looks presented by ready-to-wear items. Similarly, we try our best to provide you with a fusion of trend and tradition. We believe that you should wear something that can accentuate an Indian outside as it is inside.

Aesthetic Accessories

Every traditional attire is incomplete without an antique necklace, earrings or maybe both, as your neck shouldn’t stay empty. A matching necklace with a compatible costume of independence day is required to exhibit the fresh and divine look. A crystal necklace or a complete necklace set and earrings needs to be close to you so you can mix and match; transform a new look every time. Our necklace and earrings are a perfect example of every day wear and we emphasis on the detailed work crafted with ultimate professionalism for a cultured piece of perfection. Our team of BOVEEE, has handpicked every item of accessories. 

Independence day allows you to be independent in every aspect, which means you are allowed to follow your heart – the feeling of freedom fuels our enthusiasm to deliberately dress the way we want, with nationalistic vibes. On this day the love for India is amplified and it can be seen among every one. BOVEEE got a whole lot of surprise on the website.