Kanjivaram sarees, the fabric to enlighten every day in your life; Kanjivaram saree are exclusively fabricated in Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu state. The saree is famously worn on various occasion like pujas as well as wedding ceremonies. It is a common attire of many in the region regardless of the day or season. Furthermore, it is commonly worn in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and obviously in Tamil Nadu. However, online platforms like BOVEEE have made it possible for you to sit at home and purchase the premium designer saree. Our products go through various quality checks thus; we only provide the Kanjivaram Sarees of superior excellency. 

A large number of Indian families are involved in this industry, for which we have an unlimited supply of Kanjivaram sarees and all the fabric is manufactured with intense care and determinant professionalism. You don’t have to worry about What you have already seen someone wearing or have a precise design stuck on your mind. The Kanjivaram saree goes under a lengthy process of manufacturing which considerably takes more than a month to manufacture this saree.

The Kanjivaram sarees are made with pure Mulberry Silk and zari, which is a specialty of south Indian region. The development of the weft of the fabric is done through three different stages processed by shuttles. The border shades are intermingled on the sides with boat shuttles. The incarnation of a Kanjivaram saree is done from just few threads. An original Kanjivaram saree has a border that is separately made and later interlocked to the saree. The price range of the product fluctuates depending on the colour, pattern, design and also the detailed work of zari.

The Kanjivaram sarees being an important part of multiple traditional and religious ceremonies and for that BOVEEE has taken this initiative to produce and provide every kanjivaram saree lover with a quality product. The formation of colorful threads, coming across each-other and indulging into making a popular shimmering apparel that is tremendously popular among the ladies. Kanjivaram sarees holds the cultural beauty, mythological illustration, monumental heredity and fabricating purity; the 500-year-old Kanjivaram saree has a history that has lasted way to long, in all its beauty.

Teal and Green

The Kanjivaram teal and green saree is a palate of superior fashion combination. The zari gold border is the signature style of kanjivaram saree but amazingly it makes every saree unique. It’s a fabulous idea to wear something like a kanjivaram saree with teal and green. The traditional items famously worn on various occasions and over a long period of time. you may choose different colour to wear but this should be your outfit of the day for a momentous occasion.

Red and Copper

If you are too invested into wearing a cultured saree, this hot red kanjivaram piece of beauty is the one for you. For some reason the red kanjivarm saree has always been in high demand. The zari work on red Kanjivaram saree is more vibrant and makes it much prettier compared to other colors. In order to display something that’s tacky as well as fashionable you need to have a BOVEEE Red Kanjivaram Saree.

Beige into Fainting Pink

Beige Kanjivaram saree is launched in the September collection; a celebration when all the festivals are just around the corner. A perfect time to acquire a new style and add something brand new to your collection. The fainting beige colour invaded by the prominent pink of this limited edition Kanjivaram saree. Uniqueness at its peak with the floral zari design on the border; if you have never worn a Kanjivaram Saree, we believe that getting it is the move towards upgrading one’s appearance.

Black and Copper Zari

Black Kanjivaram saree in distinctive black colour, influenced by red and purple. Moreover, the popular zari embellished design on the saree, completes it. Kanjivaram will keep getting classier as the very fragment of fashion is trend and Kanjivaram is always trending. BOVEEE is popular for finest Kanjivaram sarees and it is only because of our customer. Giving light colors some break and wrapping yourself in dark colors that reflects your strong personality.

 Coral Pink with Silver Zari

Festive season is the time when you get along with your family and you know that this is the moment you will be getting it same time every year, so you just sit back and cherish it. The lovely coral pink colour of the saree with silver zari color is a given as we all know; it is a Kanjivaram saree. Premium BOVEEE designer saree like this coral pink Kanjivaram saree are picked by our designers The stylish options are available for Kanjivaram sarees in different motifs, patterns, texture and various combinations of visual amusements.

Green with Copper Zari

The saree has a rombus shaped motifs all over the Kanjivaram special artistic masterpiece. The green Kanjivaram saree is a must have wardrobe item keeping it handy for any small or big social events. The bright soothing color of the saree is a perfect attire for uncertain monsoon and summer season. The tempting copper zari designs on the border and dispersed all over the saree is a classic style presented to you by BOVEEE.


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