You make a distinctive mark on the society when you wear something historically influential, and traditionally royal. Banarasi Sarees have established a recognizable reputation in the world of sarees and if we talk about the popularity of the Banarasi sarees in the 21st century, then you would come to know that, it is renowned even in the international market. Over the years the fashion lover has grown fonder of the clothing items of various part of the world. Apparently, what Indians have to offer in this lucrative fashion industry is a lot more compared to any other country.

Banarasi textile industry Being one of the leading fashion firms in India for which BOVEEE is also participating in this carnival during this joyous celebration of most loveable fabric. We have some of the most diligent craftsmen to perform highly crucial detailed work that establishes new mark of an extravagance of Banarasi Saree in the temple of fashion. Every item that we sell has gone through some serious technical production procedure; the knitting work, the zari embedment on the fabric, and last but not the least, shiny and smooth texture with the lightweight fabric. BOVEEE puts quality over cost as we exactly know what the saree lovers are seeking for. According to many common beliefs, Banarasi sarees are a collectable.

The city of Varanasi is amazingly responsible for the origination of this famous art of craftsmanship that has been carried on since the 19th century, however the manufacturing of silk started back in the 17th century. It is believable that the practice of crafting banarasi saree also started somewhat back in that era. Furthermore, the Banarasi Saree production reached its prime and popularity by late 18th or early 19th century. A large number of Indian population is depended on this industry as it is their prime mode of occupation and it is growing eminently because of the inflated demand. The industry flourished in many cities such as: Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Chandauli, Bhadohi, Jaunpur and also Azamgarh district. Various textile industries have come with some refreshing ideas and they have brought a hint of change for which there are a variety of Banarasi sarees available these days.

Varanasi, also known as Banaras, is famous for many things but mostly for the production of Banarasi sarees. It has been happening for a long time in Varanasi and it has somewhat intermingled with the life of people who have voluntarily or involuntarily accepted this as a part of their life. The famous golden and silver zari border gives the sarees an exquisite look. No other variety of saree comes with the motifs and patterned work that Banarasi saree has. Banarasi saree takes almost 15 days in proper finished production and if the work is heavy and not at all feasible, it takes somewhat around 6 months. The fabulous Sarees comes in its polished appeal and it is hard to resist your temptation.

Downfall of the Industry

The Banarasi Saree industry started facing huge losses since the rise of industrialization. The small textile businesses sadly got diminished as the machines were outsourcing the workers and also machines were comparatively fast. The another reason behind the decline of manpowered factories were the availability of substitute fabrics for sarees in the market. The competition was intense and the workers went through some challenging times. However, in the year 2009, they were saved by the geographical indication rights. This utter support brought light into the life of the workers. They passionately got back to their work, which wasn’t just weaving pure Banarasi silk sarees but dreams of prosperous future. After many years, when Covid - 19 struck our country, the industry took a hit again and went down with technical difficulties and had a loss of 24 crores on the daily basis. Presently, things are recovering and everything has taken a turn for subtle betterment. BOVEEE is giving its best to support our traditional industry of premium wear apparels; you can check our website for some of the best Banarasi Sarees online.

Variety in Style

What do you get when you have plenty of something? you get variety! And when you have variety of sarees you have the options to choose a particular look for a particular day. BOVEEE invites you to the colossal of variants that we provide for Banarasi silk Sarees, such as: Pure Silk, Semi-Silk, Bamboo Silk, Linen Silk, Tissue Silk, Organza Silk and Tussar Silk. The products have low and high prices as per the quality and the demand. BOVEEE makes sure that every Banarasi saree is manufactured with same care and affection regardless of quality and cost of the product.

Banarasi sarees: An Inevitable part of an Indian Wedding

Banarasi Saree or simply Indian wedding saree has a wide range of popularity among the Indian woman and that is the reason why it is highly purchased during the time of weddings. Banarasi saree comes in poignant colours and contrast; it has defined traditional wear in a very unique and impressive way. A red banarasi saree is always in high demand and specially a Banarasi georgette saree These sarees are considered as one of the most famous silk sarees. The fancy golden work on the border and the cultural appeal that it brings to one’s personality makes it a perfect outfit for the wedding. Wedding sarees are ultimately the most favorite attire of many

We are always after something that has uniqueness and Have you ever just stopped for a moment in the market or online as your eyes met a tremendously fashionable saree and then you just want it as you have already imagined every possible way of wearing it. Well, BOVEEE production house has made every saree as one of a kind. You get every item for a limited period of time so, grab the deal while you can. Banarasi sarees will enhance the appeal of your personality and bring completion to your wardrobe collection. Go check our amazing Banarasi sarees and pick the best of best for you.

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