When you hear silk, what exactly comes to your mind? A revolutionary fabric, a timeless piece of perfection or maybe a luxurious extract of fashion industry. Well, whatever it is, the impression in your mind is somewhere near to ours and that’s why you are here, right? The undeniable appeal of finding the latest material for new apparels to change the outlook of our closet. Silk have many variants specially when it comes to Sarees. It is a fabric of antiquity; We have lived long enough to experiment and populate the variety of silk in our desired manners and requirements.

History of Silk

The history of silk is very interesting and it was originated in China; which started long back in the 27th century BC. Even though, china was first, India started experimenting with silk around 4000 years ago, during Mohenjo Daro period. Indian has always made huge contribution when it comes to the production of any kind of fabric and specially if we talk about Silk, India is the second largest producer of Silk in the world. Silk, quickly gained popularity in the European countries and it was the favorite fabric for those who could afford it and a lavish form of gift for the people of superior status. This fabric was defining royalty and giving meaning to extravagant parties, which gave meaning to this industry. Thereafter, it started booming almost every part of the world and currently, it is one of the most lucrative conventions of the fashion industry.

BOVEEE is distinctly indulged with this copious fabric and manufacturing sarees at a large scale, which are highly appreciated by our fashionable clients. We have a broad variety of blended and pure silk sarees as per the market demand. We have come a long way, survived through thick and thin but never compromised with the quality of our finest products.

Types of Silk

As I have mentioned earlier about the variety of silk in the world market and some of them are exclusively fabricated in India. The variety goes beyond requirement and there are more on the list than actually required to talk about. We have all heard, “the more the merrier” and it fits right here when we talk about variants of silk.

Mulberry Silk Saree

Mulberry silk is the worlds most demanded variety of silk and it is considered to be the highest quality that can ever be found. It is produced by the Mulberry silkworm and this specific kind of silk consumes almost 90% of the market. The fabric is amazingly smooth and has a glamorous shine to provide you with the appropriate kind of look that you are seeking. BOVEEE’s got various fabulous designs on the Mulberry Silk saree.


Spider Silk Saree

We all know spiders spin their web around the prey so they suffocate and die. The spider silk is nothing but the web that is produced by these whimsical creatures. Apparently, spider silk is beneficial for us humans too and spider silk is as tough as alloy steel, which is the reason why it is used for the production of under armor shield. However, it is somewhat impossible to produce spider silk in bulk because it’s problematic to extract and further process it. 

Tussar Silk Saree

Naturally, Tussar Silk is found in golden colour but it can be dyed. It is produced by different Kinds of moths. These silkworms reside in the trees and the silk is considerably more soft than mulberry silk. It is extensively available in Sri Lanka, India, China and Japan. It is considerably more soft than mulberry silk. Over the years, it has given some amusing results to the textile industry; the stiffening look this silk fabric has is extremely popular. BOVEEE has a wide range of collection when it comes to Tussar Silk Sarees.

Eri Silk Saree

The Ailanthus moth is responsible for the production of this variety of silk. Eri Silk is mainly produced in Thailand and India but also in some parts of Japan and China. It is heavier and has an elastic substance feel, which is the reason why it is not chosen by many for the purpose of further production. It mixes amazingly well with cotton and wool and you might find it blended in several fabrics available in the market.

Muga Silk Saree

Muga Silk is famously found in Assam and it is considered sacred by many. The purest form of wild silk is exclusively thriving in one region and just like Tussar Silk, it is naturally obtained in golden colour. This specific variety of silk is a flourishing royalty in India. It is popular for its uniqueness as its only found in one region of our (India) country.

Art silk Saree

Art silk is an artificial form of silk, formed of synthetic fiber and it is comparatively very cheap. Undoubtedly, Art Silk is similar to any kind of the silk in appearance however, it differs in feel and similarly used for the production of sarees that are available at a reasonable price. BOVEEE gives you a wide range of Art Silk Sarees; each and every one of them is one of a kind.

Dupioni Silk Saree

Dupioni Silk is originally found with Mulberry Silk as it is produced by the same silk warm. It differs from ordinary kind of Silk fabrics as it is formed when two silk worms spin their cocoon alongside, this gives the cocoon an irregular thread texture. Dupioni Silk is the easiest to dye. Even though it was founded unintentionally, it is being encouraged largely because of the high demand. Dupioni Silk is tremendously used for manufacturing of sarees and BOVEEE has the best collection of designer sarees made of Dupioni Silk.


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