Want Raksha Bandhan of 2022 to be better than 2021? The oozing appeal of Raksha Bandhan festival has a significant impact on our outfit of the day. On this one day, when your sister gets a chance to reflect the true goddess that resides beneath her and what’s more appropriate than a traditional saree for this occasion. The ancient attire that has been around since forever and regardless of modernization, sarees have maintained the class which women get to flaunt in the 21st century. This is the most precious and adorable festival to exist; a festival that celebrates the relationship between a brother and a sister. You both grew up together, you fight, you laugh, you tease each other but at the end of the day, you know deep in your heart, the inevitable love that you have for your siblings. This feeling just never fades as it is eternal and innocent.

BOVEEE wishes you on this stupendous occasion and launches designer sarees and full set suit of premium style and comfort, that you can gift your sisters with love. Traditional wear summons the spirituality of fashion and when it’s wrapped around a true woman, the beautiful figure enhances the primary look and elevates it into an estimable one. We have some incredible range of collection; the variety that will persuade your precious sisters into having an euphoric experience.

Customs and Tradition

The term Raksha means protection and Bandhan means a tie; the devoted spirits are prominently indulged during the time of Raksha Bandhan. This festival comes once in a year and it’s joyously celebrated by every member of the family. It’s a small ceremony but highly meaningful. When a sister ties the “Bandhan” of “Raksha” (a sacred ornament) on her brother’s wrist and then perform “Aarti” for his prosperity and a life of tremendous health and success. Brother is expected to shower her sister with gifts after the sacred rituals are done. It is just a custom and there are no compulsion regarding this. The beauty of this festivity lies in the small things that every individual shares; which is not materialistic but entirely based on feelings.

Why Traditional Attire?

According to an ethnographic research, women are most likely to wear a traditional outfit on a festive occasion like Raksha Bandhan. We know that every woman likes to improvise and look fashionably exclusive among many but, when it comes to a religious festival, that promotes family gathering, one got to bring out that traditional look that can only be attained by Indian ethnic wear and why not a piece of custom apparel that is a part of our heritage? A brand new saree or a full set suit maybe? Promote this to your sister this Raksha Bandhan as there is nothing wrong with sticking to your roots. You just need to get her this precious cultural gift, relax, and let her drape a saree or wear a suit and rock the world. It’s that simple! BOVEEE understands every women’s taste, when it comes to sarees and we manufacture every artistic masterpiece, keeping their desires in our mind.

Attire that you can rely on -

On this occasion of Raksha Bandhan every women wants a saree that keeps them ready for any challenges of the day. Now, brothers Keep in mind to pick a saree  or any other apparel that is light weight and fancy enough to bring amazement to any family gathering. You have so much to choose from our BOVEEE collection: the designs, patterns, motifs, texture, colours and also the style. Getting a headache already? Don’t worry because, we are going to suggest some of our glamorous and fashionable collection of sarees for this particular occasion so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Delicate Colour: The perfectly eye – relaxing and beauteous shades are the pastel colours and what’s better than a smooth and sleek looking outfit for the day. The best thing about these colours is that when someone wears them it mixes with the complexion superbly. Famous celebrities like Alia Bhatt, flex these colours comfortably in a long kurti and Palazzo.


  • Sharara Styled: Lesson 2, almost every woman has tried the Sharara look at least once and this fusion of classic and modern design can never go out of style, infact it keeps coming back, with the hint of modish trend. It is loved because of the semi – lehenga look that it gives. Shararas are famous for that peculiar outward flowing look that comes from the knees. Bring richness in her appearance, this Raksha Bandhan with complete Sharara suit set.


  • Comfy Chikankari: If your sister is one of those, who put comfort above everything, just get her a BOVEEE Chikankari product, already. It will make her look exquisite and reflects more on her charming personality and that’s because of the detailed self-work. The simplicity is the fundamental essence of this style so it really doesn’t matter, if you are wearing a Chikankari saree or a suit on a normal day or a festive one.


  • Anarkali Style: If you want your sister to demonstrate the level A game, the Anarkali gown is what anyone wants to wear and implement for the derivative look. Anarkali is unique and it’s perfect for any body type. The fluent fall of texture from shoulders to the knees length or ankles that ends with ruffled bottoms. We provide Anarkali in numerous colours and designs so you have choices to pick from. Go select from the selected!


  • Ethnic Fusion: I believe you are unaware of the time your sister invest into picking the dress for the day but we totally understand it and to save you from any trouble, BOVEEE house of fashion is working efficiently. If she likes an item that has mixed texture, design and shades then get her a dress that is a fusion of modernity and ethnicity. The traditional style is to wear a simple salwar suit but if it gets the right kind of component of western quintessence, she can have the have the look of perfection.


  • Silk Attire: The name silk itself gives you the idea of wavy, smooth and purest fabric. The royal feel is what one needs to raise the bar of enthusiasm on the day of Raksha Bandhan. This fancy fabric gets transformed into so many variety of clothing items like, sarees, kurtas and salwar suits. It is eventually your decision on what you want to gift your sister but before that explore the countless options of silk apparels available at BOVEEE.


  • Organza Saree: Sarees are not just for religious, official or wedding occasions. Letting someone, reflect their true self in the Organza saree is our initiative. Certainly, the elegance and class is sprinkled when a woman wears saree. Provide your sister with the right ingredients to Bring an upgrade in her style for the Raksha Bandhan We know she has plenty of sarees already but we at BOVEEE have got the highly fashionable sarees to full her desire.


One of the most important part of Raksha Bandhan celebration is the ultimate dressed up look. Wear what you want and always amaze people with your style. Dress for every occasion and embrace that particular attire. Finding one’s expressive fashion as every individual is entitled to the specific look; that’s why BOVEEE is here to help you to get your sister a gift that she will love and appreciate your choice. If you wish to get some more insight, you can read our blogs on Bengal Handloom and Ready to Wear apparels. Visit our website, visit the world of fashion.