Black Blouse - trendy Velvet Bungee Neck Padded backless

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Black Blouse - Velvet Bungee Neck Padded backless

The Black Blouse is designed with amazing peculiar colour, which brings out the cultured fashion. It is a true example of comfort and style. The bungee padded neck is fabricated with a modern touch that holds the essence of BOVEEE fashion house. The velvet fabric is produced with intense care and precision and it could be worn on all occasion.

The time and dedication that has been included in the assembling of this piece of perfection can be seen in its texture. The one who is looking forward to acquire this trendy Black Velvet Blouse into their closet can always look forward to presenting themselves as one in a million. The craftsmanship of this product was not initiated without multiple thoughts on the texture, such as the bungee neck pad, the soft velvety feel. The color that is used in the formation of this blouse, mixes perfectly with every complexion.

The Black Blouse is presented to you as a modern and traditional representation of a women in the 21st century. The time has come to embrace the true image of yourself and portray yourself to the world the way you are; like every thread of the fabric has come together to give this Black Blouse its distinguished look, it will most likely make you look the way you want to show yourself to the world.

BOVEEE presents this exotic bungee padded neck, Black blouse; this edition is seasonal and limited. Don’t wait and overthink on the decision of adding this new style to your wardrobe. The fashion world is moving with BOVEEE and you should too.

·        Trendy, soft, feather light.

·        Inherently stylish, pleasant look.

·        Eye soothing colour, amazing padded texture.

·        Special festival blouse.

·        Comfortable to wear on every occasion.

·        Superior velvet quality; a perfect after work look.  

·        Free shipping; PAN india.

·        Easy refund policy.

·        24x7 customer support.

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