Delightful Diwali with Diaphanous Designer Sarees

Delightful Diwali with Diaphanous Designer Sarees

BOVEEE wishes you on the most adored festival of the world. Diwali is the most prestigious festival; a festival that personifies the theme of light. A symbolic inspiration driven from light, that signifies hope, joy and victory. A crucial and popular Indian festival, celebrated with extraordinary excitement, for we know the importance of an historical moment that took place on the same day, centuries ago. The sky shines the brightest with the light of the stars on the night of Diwali, so the celebration is initiated by the nature itself.

The flames of celebration ignite among us, yes! That tingling feeling of enjoyment that arises long before Diwali. The time of the year when everyone spend time with their family and friends to amplify the joys of Diwali as we all know any event is incomplete without our loved ones. Lord Rama returned from the Wanwas of 14 years, after terminating the ferocious devil Rawana and saved his wife Sita. The epic moment occurred despite the hard ships of Lord Rama during his journey to Lanka and fighting the evils to set an example for the world; no matter how dark the night is; the light of righteousness will always diminish it. So, let’s do something more special this year and keep growing with happiness.

Dipawali is vividly celebrated, keeping the most important rituals and traditions in mind. let’s start with the interesting one; Rangoli, the mandella designed on a flat surface, commonly on the ground, a decorative sentiment that’s has been a part of many indian festivals taking place throughout the year. Interestingly, the diya (oil lamps) are lit structurally, to fancy the beautification and to set an example of the festival of lights. A formal and widely loved rituals is the puja of Maa Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and Lord Ganesha. It is done every year to bring prosperity in one’s life. The amazing part of any festival is the sweets and special food items that are prepared on the occasion of Diwali and we all just love to devour it: Jalebis, ladoos made of besan, motichur and coconut. A popular tradition is to shower your loved ones with gifts; where many like to gift sweets other prefer the second best options, which is clothes and for which BOVEEE got you covered with the best collections of ethnic wear for women. Check out our premium designer wear to find your favorites among many and surprise the ones you want to make happy on the promising day of Diwali. The day is ended with fireworks and the sky lights up with all kind of creative sparkling demonstrations; it is not a compulsion but one does according to their preference to enjoy.

Have you decided what to wear? How to wear and how many ethnic wear you going to change on the day of Diwali? So many decisions to make and so much confusion, right? Don’t worry as BOVEEE is here to assist you with the preparation of looking beautiful in the premium designer sarees with dedicated guidance provided by our fashion consultant. A saree is not just created overnight, a lot of decisions are taken like fabric selection and crafting a design and then illustrating it to the artisans for the most mesmerizing results. Moreover, the efforts don’t go useless in the process as each and every saree by BOVEEE is a unique piece that is not available in the market. More astounding fact is that we bring you all the premium designer sarees at a very reasonable cost. Getting a saree is the first step before the auspicious day of Diwali arrives. Remember you have the responsibility to make the day more ceremonial for yourself and for your family as well.

The Diwali Premium Designer Wear Sarees:

Bold Blue

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

One of the most prestigious color of Diwali is blue and worn on various occasions to celebrate the sacred and heart-warming festival. The Kanjivaram saree holds the charismatic charm for the modern Indian women. You have been with us long enough to understand that our designs are unique and limited addition, just like this blue Kanjivaram saree. The Diwali collection has gone more special with the involvement of Kanjivaram saree.

Witty White

Georgette Saree

This lemon saree with silver zari design holds an individualistic charm that you can add to Diwali celebration and proudly be the center of attention. The embedded work is done on the fabric for better acknowledgement of fashion. This saree is a prime example of georgette fabric as you can see the compelling shades reflecting style. BOVEEE has some of the best collection of georgette sarees that you should check out to acquire the fresh taste of fashion.


Marvelous Magenta

Chanderi Silk Saree

A saree that is strikingly gorgeous for a lady of any complexion. The identity of a fashion enthusiast is mostly entertained by styling that is continuously moving. We are all inspired by something new like this Magenta Chanderi Saree that evidently motivates us to acquire a taste for something that is everlasting but also one in a million as we know that something to keep us ahead. BOVEEE presents this pure Chanderi saree exclusively available on our website.

Hello to Yellow

Chiffon Saree

The happiness, warmth and sunshine emphasizes the value of the colour yellow. This pure chiffon silk bright yellow saree is to surprise every generation of 21st century. The colorful floral border attached to add more desirability to the very feel of the saree, as well as the royal look that is enhanced by the zari intermingled fabrication. BOVEEE designer chiffon silk saree helps you to give a refreshing image to the world.

 Radical Red

Dupion Silk Saree

Deep Red, Dupion Silk Saree is popular among wearer of trendy ethnic wear. BOVEEE fashion house is progressively creating an impact in the fashion world with the clothing item of highest demand. This saree comes with a black blouse and exquisite designing on the pallu in blue and the silver zari artistic presentation is always complimentary. It takes around 6 months to manufacture a dupion saree completely and the best ones take more.


BOVEEE quality products are part of a big project initiated by us to have 100% satisfied customers and for that reason we have a vast range of sarees collection: Silk saree, Cotton Sarees, Digital Printed Sarees, Bengal Handloom Sarees, Ikkat Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Jamdani Sarees, Chanderri Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Dupion Sarees, Blended Sarees, Linen Sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Georgette Satin Sarees, Organza Saree, Chiffon Georgette Saree, and Silk Banarasi Saree.


9 Nostalgic Navaratri Looks with Sassy Sarees

9 Nostalgic Navaratri Looks with Sassy Sarees

Navaratri is a festival that celebrates the arrival of Goddess Durga and BOVEEE wishes you all the joys of the universe on this occasion. During the month of Ashwini, people make time for enjoying everyday life with a festival twist that allows you to abandon the schedule life. It is an important Hindu religious festival which revolves around the festivities of the Navaratri. Now, how can we celebrate it differently than any other year? We can surely acquire the taste of versatile fashion. Fashion is something that can surely make you appear pretty for all the customary commemoration of Navaratri.

The festival is popular among various part of the Indian communities, that are situated in different regions of the country. Many people fast and avoid any intake of alcohol, non – veg, onion and garlic. The devotees enjoy this auspicious occasion of Navaratri without missing out the crucial rituals and customs as well as they heartily enjoy the glorious events organized for Goddess Maa Durga arrival; in Gujrat, the festival is popularly celebrated with dancing in a special form known as “Garba”, and playing dandia, in West Bengal, Durga puja is a celebration influenced by Bengali culture that sensationalizes the concept of spiritual enlightenment. Maa Durga glorious accession and the excitement among us is the only mutual thing, other than that, the innumerous ways of enjoying the festival varies individually.

Goddess Durga is the divine deity who defeated and killed the Demon Mahishasura, which was a decimation of an evil power. This festival is associated to that historical moment in the past and delightfully enjoyed in remembrance of the almighty Goddess Durga. The momentous festival is a reason of happiness for many and as it is celebrated every year, we all wait for it as we get accustomed to passionately enjoying the traditions of Navaratri for a counted few days but evidently memorable ones.

Whatever you are planning to wear is something special to you and we at BOVEEE are trying to provide you with the right kind of fashion that can comfortably intermingles with your style to provide you with an ultimate goddess look for all 10 days of Navaratri. The designer apparels are available in abundance and every unique piece of fashion suit you in the best way possible. Be it a saree, salwar suit, ready to wears, indo-western, blouses or accessories, we have got it all. You don’t have to worry about what to decorate your closet with as you are getting complete look from BOVEEE, this Navaratri.

Guide to mesmerizing looks

The idea remains intact as we know what you seek during this festive month; a white saree to sustain your anger for the first day of Navaratri inspired by Goddess Shailputri and a different attire is only reasonable, when you go for garba, dandia, puja and obviously the outing with friends and family. You do want to look flawlessly beautiful for every event that you want to be a part of. The endless diversification in every niche of fashionable saree that we hold in our collection is designed to amuse you.

If you want to wear something that can be modern but still keeps you connected with the cultural roots, get yourself a red saree, a symbol of nonjudgmental behavior which portrays Goddess Brahmcharini like a true indian lady would want. The blouse compulsively attracts the glam to this saree, as the contrasting effects of the two different colors that are elaborated to please the eyes.

Goddess Chandraghanta representing royal – blue saree; amplify the grudges free life. On the occasion of Modern designs are a profound example; an amalgamation that is formulated of multiple colour and on this occasion of Navaratri, BOVEEE has the most satisfying modules of fashion to bring the adequate results which will assist you to wrap a distinctive saree around you and represent the essence of altering uniqueness in the room which is a house to boring concepts of fashion.

Yellow; a fragmentation of compulsive styling that displays Goddess Kushmanda and the generosity to forgive everyone. The hidden inspiration that you have for presenting your idea of fashion to the world and on this righteous festival of Navaratri, BOVEEE would like to assist you in this satisfying process of finding the right apparel for all the 9 days of Navaratri, be it sarees, salwar suits or indo-western; what matters the most is that you find what you need.

The acceptance of everyone in their humble personalities is what specified by Goddess Skandmata in Green, symbolic to the traditional Navaratri look is this fine saree of beaming colors, defining the reality of modern day look of stylish evening appearances for Navaratri. More than a 1000 of designs available, some similar to this and some a little different. Pick your favorite among our favorites.

Unconditional love supremacy; Goddess Katyayani appears on the 6th day in grey color so the day is saved, don’t waste time, deciding what to wear, especially when an important festival like Navaratri is around. Too many thoughts make it hard for you to make the decision of which clothing item to acquire. BOVEEE provides you with tempting stylish ethnic wear sarees that enhances your fashion in every way possible.

The idea of abstaining oneself from any feeling of jealousy is promoted by Goddess Kalaratri with bright orange. The unsettling dispute of which colour to wear as there are uncountable number of probable winners but you can either take ideas from the stylish saree above or certainly create your own out of the multiple available options on our website [BOVEEE]. You find what you need and let us know if we can help you and provide the helpful assistance so you can have better shopping experience this Navaratri.

Peacock Green is the colour for which we optimize our look to be fearless as we would like to accept as Goddess Kanjak overpowers it. The inspiring color of the fabric on an auspicious occasion of Navaratri is certainly required. BOVEEE fashion designers and artisans have maintained modern techniques to maintain the equilibrium of fashion that is trending during the time of festivities.

Finally, what we all want is being grateful that is personified by distinctive pink with Goddess Siddhidarti blessings. Optimize the tranquil outfit of the day with significant guidance provided by BOVEEE. This saree is fabricated keeping the modernity in mind and to maintain the seasonal and festive requirements of the wearer. The simplified formation of Nitya collection that holds such unique creations of sophisticated apparels. A moment of your time is all that is required for you to joyously comprehend our elaborated version of voguish apparels.

Be blissful, motivated and fashionable – this should be your moto for the entire Navaratri 2022 season. Find your preferred style and go gaga on it with BOVEEE complete collection: Silk saree, Cotton Sarees, Digital Printed Sarees, Bengal Handloom Sarees, Ikkat Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Jamdani Sarees, Chanderri Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Dupion Sarees, Blended Sarees, Linen Sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Georgette Satin Sarees, Organza Saree, Chiffon Georgette Saree, and Silk Banarasi Saree.


Cultured Banarasi Sarees that Portray Comfort, Glamour, and Style

Cultured Banarasi Sarees that Portray Comfort, Glamour, and Style

You make a distinctive mark on the society when you wear something historically influential, and traditionally royal. Banarasi Sarees have established a recognizable reputation in the world of sarees and if we talk about the popularity of the Banarasi sarees in the 21st century, then you would come to know that, it is renowned even in the international market. Over the years the fashion lover has grown fonder of the clothing items of various part of the world. Apparently, what Indians have to offer in this lucrative fashion industry is a lot more compared to any other country.

Banarasi textile industry Being one of the leading fashion firms in India for which BOVEEE is also participating in this carnival during this joyous celebration of most loveable fabric. We have some of the most diligent craftsmen to perform highly crucial detailed work that establishes new mark of an extravagance of Banarasi Saree in the temple of fashion. Every item that we sell has gone through some serious technical production procedure; the knitting work, the zari embedment on the fabric, and last but not the least, shiny and smooth texture with the lightweight fabric. BOVEEE puts quality over cost as we exactly know what the saree lovers are seeking for. According to many common beliefs, Banarasi sarees are a collectable.

The city of Varanasi is amazingly responsible for the origination of this famous art of craftsmanship that has been carried on since the 19th century, however the manufacturing of silk started back in the 17th century. It is believable that the practice of crafting banarasi saree also started somewhat back in that era. Furthermore, the Banarasi Saree production reached its prime and popularity by late 18th or early 19th century. A large number of Indian population is depended on this industry as it is their prime mode of occupation and it is growing eminently because of the inflated demand. The industry flourished in many cities such as: Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Chandauli, Bhadohi, Jaunpur and also Azamgarh district. Various textile industries have come with some refreshing ideas and they have brought a hint of change for which there are a variety of Banarasi sarees available these days.

Varanasi, also known as Banaras, is famous for many things but mostly for the production of Banarasi sarees. It has been happening for a long time in Varanasi and it has somewhat intermingled with the life of people who have voluntarily or involuntarily accepted this as a part of their life. The famous golden and silver zari border gives the sarees an exquisite look. No other variety of saree comes with the motifs and patterned work that Banarasi saree has. Banarasi saree takes almost 15 days in proper finished production and if the work is heavy and not at all feasible, it takes somewhat around 6 months. The fabulous Sarees comes in its polished appeal and it is hard to resist your temptation.

Downfall of the Industry

The Banarasi Saree industry started facing huge losses since the rise of industrialization. The small textile businesses sadly got diminished as the machines were outsourcing the workers and also machines were comparatively fast. The another reason behind the decline of manpowered factories were the availability of substitute fabrics for sarees in the market. The competition was intense and the workers went through some challenging times. However, in the year 2009, they were saved by the geographical indication rights. This utter support brought light into the life of the workers. They passionately got back to their work, which wasn’t just weaving pure Banarasi silk sarees but dreams of prosperous future. After many years, when Covid - 19 struck our country, the industry took a hit again and went down with technical difficulties and had a loss of 24 crores on the daily basis. Presently, things are recovering and everything has taken a turn for subtle betterment. BOVEEE is giving its best to support our traditional industry of premium wear apparels; you can check our website for some of the best Banarasi Sarees online.

Variety in Style

What do you get when you have plenty of something? you get variety! And when you have variety of sarees you have the options to choose a particular look for a particular day. BOVEEE invites you to the colossal of variants that we provide for Banarasi silk Sarees, such as: Pure Silk, Semi-Silk, Bamboo Silk, Linen Silk, Tissue Silk, Organza Silk and Tussar Silk. The products have low and high prices as per the quality and the demand. BOVEEE makes sure that every Banarasi saree is manufactured with same care and affection regardless of quality and cost of the product.

Banarasi sarees: An Inevitable part of an Indian Wedding

Banarasi Saree or simply Indian wedding saree has a wide range of popularity among the Indian woman and that is the reason why it is highly purchased during the time of weddings. Banarasi saree comes in poignant colours and contrast; it has defined traditional wear in a very unique and impressive way. A red banarasi saree is always in high demand and specially a Banarasi georgette saree These sarees are considered as one of the most famous silk sarees. The fancy golden work on the border and the cultural appeal that it brings to one’s personality makes it a perfect outfit for the wedding. Wedding sarees are ultimately the most favorite attire of many

We are always after something that has uniqueness and Have you ever just stopped for a moment in the market or online as your eyes met a tremendously fashionable saree and then you just want it as you have already imagined every possible way of wearing it. Well, BOVEEE production house has made every saree as one of a kind. You get every item for a limited period of time so, grab the deal while you can. Banarasi sarees will enhance the appeal of your personality and bring completion to your wardrobe collection. Go check our amazing Banarasi sarees and pick the best of best for you.

We all have a different taste when it comes to fashion which includes every big and small item that enhances once appearance, keeping that in mind we introduce you to choices: Silk saree, Cotton Sarees, Digital Printed Sarees, Bengal Handloom Sarees, Ikkat Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Jamdani Sarees, Chanderri Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Dupion Sarees, Blended Sarees, Linen Sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Georgette Satin Sarees, Organza Saree, Chiffon Georgette Saree, and Silk Banarasi Saree.


Attire for 2022 Independence Day to Reflect the Patriotism

Attire for 2022 Independence Day to Reflect the Patriotism

Jai hind! Vande matram! Are the kind of slogans that portray the nationality that resides beneath us. We take sheer pride and the joy of celebration as the date of our 76th independence day is coming closer. BOVEEE congratulates you on this greatest occasion. The celebration is on its prime among every state of our triumphant nation and every individual waits for 15th of august reminisce the victorious day of 15th august 1947. Certain things never change and the love that we have for independence day is above all. Indians have stood in front of the flag and sung national anthem proudly in the air of freedom since the day of independence. We Indians have successfully maintained our cultural heredity for over 1000s of years regardless of various unfortunate events in the past. We have been illustrating our nationalism through our customs, traditions and even through our fashion. Not just Indians but many people from other nations and communities have adopted the Indian culture in all its accolade.

our exuberant souls are patient less to hoist the flag in our houses, our lawns, colleges, offices and every place that is a part of our glorious nation. It would be unfair and meaningless if you don’t wear the righteous colour to flaunt the patriotic feeling of nationalism. BOVEEE introduces you to a large variety of sarees, salwar suits, indo – western and accessories for the commemoration of independence day. Our every category has a peculiar style and we design our outfit with modernistic approach. Wear an Indian traditional attire for the day of independence and as you have the right to celebrate occasion that comes once in a year.

On this day, many like to wear colours like saffron, green, white or blue. The reason behind popularity of these colour is quite reasonable and simple. Indians believe on wearing the tri colour on the day of independence, because we want to emphasize on what those colours stand for as saffron indicates strength, the white and dharam chakra indicates peace and truth that our cultural comprises of and lastly, the green colour represents our flourishing land. The pigmentations of bright multicoloured fabrics are used to fabricate an outfit to be worn on independence day. We have amalgamated a collection for you to select your favorite ones from. We know the spirit of nationalism is running through your veins and similarly, you need to let it flow over your skin through the colourful premium designer wear by BOVEEE.

Sensational Sarees

Have you already decided on your colour? Not yet? Well, don’t worry we know about the colours that you have in your mind. Even if you are planning to go a bit robust and wear a colourful attire. Saree is the most traditional form of fashion to ever exist and regardless of all the hardships that Indians went through, the sarees stayed an item of fashionable necessity for an Indian woman. Saree is something that define an Indian woman in her most natural form of divine beauty that can uphold her cultural beliefs and at the same time nourish her courage. She is more than just a daughter, wife or mother; she is an individual enchanted self. Wear a silk saree or a cotton saree – a digitally printed saree or a hand printed saree, it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. BOVEEE got more than 1000 sarees for you to pick from. Our designers have given some deepest thoughts to the production of every item available on our website. 

Suits, Dresses, Kurtas and Tunics

The modern time brings modern styles in the preparation of something sensational and on this occasion of independence day, we do feel like to experiment a little with trending wear and traditional attire. So for each and every one like you, who is an intrigued explorer and a fashion enthusiast, we ask you to come a step closer to bringing an end to your endeavor of finding the appropriate apparel for the day, with our mesmerizing collection.

The improvisation on the fashion industry have brought out many outfits with quintessential styling required to make an outfit absolutely adorable. We have Suits, dresses, Kurtas and Tunics for you in every possible style that you want: gowns, anarkali, tie – dresses, shirt tunics, collared kurta and many more styles to. The more collection, the more to explore and expand items in your closet. Many celebrities are seen wearing the distinguishable looks presented by ready-to-wear items. Similarly, we try our best to provide you with a fusion of trend and tradition. We believe that you should wear something that can accentuate an Indian outside as it is inside.

Aesthetic Accessories

Every traditional attire is incomplete without an antique necklace, earrings or maybe both, as your neck shouldn’t stay empty. A matching necklace with a compatible costume of independence day is required to exhibit the fresh and divine look. A crystal necklace or a complete necklace set and earrings needs to be close to you so you can mix and match; transform a new look every time. Our necklace and earrings are a perfect example of every day wear and we emphasis on the detailed work crafted with ultimate professionalism for a cultured piece of perfection. Our team of BOVEEE, has handpicked every item of accessories. 

Independence day allows you to be independent in every aspect, which means you are allowed to follow your heart – the feeling of freedom fuels our enthusiasm to deliberately dress the way we want, with nationalistic vibes. On this day the love for India is amplified and it can be seen among every one. BOVEEE got a whole lot of surprise on the website.

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Gift Your Sister the Essence of Tradition

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Gift Your Sister the Essence of Tradition

Want Raksha Bandhan of 2022 to be better than 2021? The oozing appeal of Raksha Bandhan festival has a significant impact on our outfit of the day. On this one day, when your sister gets a chance to reflect the true goddess that resides beneath her and what’s more appropriate than a traditional saree for this occasion. The ancient attire that has been around since forever and regardless of modernization, sarees have maintained the class which women get to flaunt in the 21st century. This is the most precious and adorable festival to exist; a festival that celebrates the relationship between a brother and a sister. You both grew up together, you fight, you laugh, you tease each other but at the end of the day, you know deep in your heart, the inevitable love that you have for your siblings. This feeling just never fades as it is eternal and innocent.

BOVEEE wishes you on this stupendous occasion and launches designer sarees and full set suit of premium style and comfort, that you can gift your sisters with love. Traditional wear summons the spirituality of fashion and when it’s wrapped around a true woman, the beautiful figure enhances the primary look and elevates it into an estimable one. We have some incredible range of collection; the variety that will persuade your precious sisters into having an euphoric experience.

Customs and Tradition

The term Raksha means protection and Bandhan means a tie; the devoted spirits are prominently indulged during the time of Raksha Bandhan. This festival comes once in a year and it’s joyously celebrated by every member of the family. It’s a small ceremony but highly meaningful. When a sister ties the “Bandhan” of “Raksha” (a sacred ornament) on her brother’s wrist and then perform “Aarti” for his prosperity and a life of tremendous health and success. Brother is expected to shower her sister with gifts after the sacred rituals are done. It is just a custom and there are no compulsion regarding this. The beauty of this festivity lies in the small things that every individual shares; which is not materialistic but entirely based on feelings.

Why Traditional Attire?

According to an ethnographic research, women are most likely to wear a traditional outfit on a festive occasion like Raksha Bandhan. We know that every woman likes to improvise and look fashionably exclusive among many but, when it comes to a religious festival, that promotes family gathering, one got to bring out that traditional look that can only be attained by Indian ethnic wear and why not a piece of custom apparel that is a part of our heritage? A brand new saree or a full set suit maybe? Promote this to your sister this Raksha Bandhan as there is nothing wrong with sticking to your roots. You just need to get her this precious cultural gift, relax, and let her drape a saree or wear a suit and rock the world. It’s that simple! BOVEEE understands every women’s taste, when it comes to sarees and we manufacture every artistic masterpiece, keeping their desires in our mind.

Attire that you can rely on -

On this occasion of Raksha Bandhan every women wants a saree that keeps them ready for any challenges of the day. Now, brothers Keep in mind to pick a saree  or any other apparel that is light weight and fancy enough to bring amazement to any family gathering. You have so much to choose from our BOVEEE collection: the designs, patterns, motifs, texture, colours and also the style. Getting a headache already? Don’t worry because, we are going to suggest some of our glamorous and fashionable collection of sarees for this particular occasion so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Delicate Colour: The perfectly eye – relaxing and beauteous shades are the pastel colours and what’s better than a smooth and sleek looking outfit for the day. The best thing about these colours is that when someone wears them it mixes with the complexion superbly. Famous celebrities like Alia Bhatt, flex these colours comfortably in a long kurti and Palazzo.


  • Sharara Styled: Lesson 2, almost every woman has tried the Sharara look at least once and this fusion of classic and modern design can never go out of style, infact it keeps coming back, with the hint of modish trend. It is loved because of the semi – lehenga look that it gives. Shararas are famous for that peculiar outward flowing look that comes from the knees. Bring richness in her appearance, this Raksha Bandhan with complete Sharara suit set.


  • Comfy Chikankari: If your sister is one of those, who put comfort above everything, just get her a BOVEEE Chikankari product, already. It will make her look exquisite and reflects more on her charming personality and that’s because of the detailed self-work. The simplicity is the fundamental essence of this style so it really doesn’t matter, if you are wearing a Chikankari saree or a suit on a normal day or a festive one.


  • Anarkali Style: If you want your sister to demonstrate the level A game, the Anarkali gown is what anyone wants to wear and implement for the derivative look. Anarkali is unique and it’s perfect for any body type. The fluent fall of texture from shoulders to the knees length or ankles that ends with ruffled bottoms. We provide Anarkali in numerous colours and designs so you have choices to pick from. Go select from the selected!


  • Ethnic Fusion: I believe you are unaware of the time your sister invest into picking the dress for the day but we totally understand it and to save you from any trouble, BOVEEE house of fashion is working efficiently. If she likes an item that has mixed texture, design and shades then get her a dress that is a fusion of modernity and ethnicity. The traditional style is to wear a simple salwar suit but if it gets the right kind of component of western quintessence, she can have the have the look of perfection.


  • Silk Attire: The name silk itself gives you the idea of wavy, smooth and purest fabric. The royal feel is what one needs to raise the bar of enthusiasm on the day of Raksha Bandhan. This fancy fabric gets transformed into so many variety of clothing items like, sarees, kurtas and salwar suits. It is eventually your decision on what you want to gift your sister but before that explore the countless options of silk apparels available at BOVEEE.


  • Organza Saree: Sarees are not just for religious, official or wedding occasions. Letting someone, reflect their true self in the Organza saree is our initiative. Certainly, the elegance and class is sprinkled when a woman wears saree. Provide your sister with the right ingredients to Bring an upgrade in her style for the Raksha Bandhan We know she has plenty of sarees already but we at BOVEEE have got the highly fashionable sarees to full her desire.


One of the most important part of Raksha Bandhan celebration is the ultimate dressed up look. Wear what you want and always amaze people with your style. Dress for every occasion and embrace that particular attire. Finding one’s expressive fashion as every individual is entitled to the specific look; that’s why BOVEEE is here to help you to get your sister a gift that she will love and appreciate your choice. If you wish to get some more insight, you can read our blogs on Bengal Handloom and Ready to Wear apparels. Visit our website, visit the world of fashion.